The Forked Tongue.

So here is my offering to my kin: to those who are exploring this same dark territory. It’s not just dark to the outsider; it’s dark to us, too. Often frightening and confusing, we have to set our own borders to define ourselves as people. Good and whole people worthy of love and acceptance. The condemnation of outsiders is really not the problem; the condemnation to which we subject ourselves is.


“This book is not comforting; it does not reassure. It does not teach anything a decent person needs to know.”

Completed in 2008 and greatly expanded in 2015 The Forked Tongue remains a singular work in BDSM literature. With wit, intellect and ruthless honesty the author reveals not only his techniques but his demons and the methods to tame them.

In the time since it’s publication, TFT (as it has come to be known) has touched many lives. Sometimes you will hear of it spoken openly and proudly, in other communities it is “that book”, the one only the “bad dominants” read.

It is doubtful any of us know which of those responses would have pleased Flagg more.

While you are here, we invite you to explore further. Read up on the latest news, see what others are saying, listen to some some of the podcasts where the author explores these ideas but most of all, pick up a copy for yourself.