Soulhuntre was invited to discuss multi-house power hierarchies around June 16, 2015 at MAsT: Manhattan. The conversation wound up being round-table style which is the preferred format here at Power In Practice in any case. Just over 2 hours of discussion made its way onto the digital recorders and with the permission of the participants will be broadcast here.

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  1. That is a really interesting topic. We have dealt with this in the beginning, and Master has told me that for him there is never a time or person whose orders would supersede his. The Omaha example would never happen because I’d be totally free to say to ANY other person, “Oh hell no”. He’s always my final authority at the forefront of my thoughts. If they ask me to do something for them, I’m always to weigh any possible conflict with my Master’s desires and interests and rules before I agree to it. Every time he’s given me to another person there have been rules and limits, and also my capacity to use common sense is always in play.

    The first time the conflict came up for me was at a Christmas party. We had been playing with a Domme for several months, once a week or so, and at the party I had the desire to serve her as well as him. I didn’t ask about it at the time, nor did I do much serving (I may have fetched her a glass of water) but afterward we talked about this and he laid down the overall principal that it was ok for me to do this, as long as he knew where I was going (I didn’t just run off from his side to do things for her) and as long as none of the things she asked conflicted with any of my rules. I was basically feeling a little guilty or weird that I wanted to serve someone else, and I wanted to know what he thought about that.

  2. Just to continue, we have different ways of doing things, you might almost say protocols, except it is nothing written in stone, just general ideas to be followed, depending one where we are. At our house, he’s made it clear that guests come first, in normal forms of service ie. food and drinks, and he will get his own rather than make me serve him first and have our guests wait. This was something we actually discussed.

    Then there is a dinner like we went to Friday night, where he doesn’t expect me to serve at all because the other Dom was doing all the cooking (he wanted to make us a special Indian meal) and his sub was his assistant server, but basically we ate around a table all together, and my Master didn’t order or expect me to help. When it came to clearing up, I picked up a few things, but the other Dom’s sub was right at the kitchen door to take them from me and didn’t let me do much that way. That wasn’t really discussed, what I’d be doing, but I was following along with cues and expectations from the host and his sub, and Master didn’t say to do anything different than that, so I just kind of went with it.

  3. I love your comment near the end about the party line “I’m not upset, you don’t get to be mad either”. I think my Master has said something similar to me many times. I don’t think of it as dictating my feelings so much as adjusting my attitude to value what is valuable to him, not to go off on my own agenda of being upset.

    Sorry for all the comments, but I wanted to make them as I listened so as not to forget any.

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