It has been a bit more than five years since out last real episode. Everyone involved in Power In Practice thanks our audience for your patience and faith. We have plenty in store for you… take a listen.

During the episode I mention out chat community. By all means go to and request an invitation! We will be happy to have you.

Transcript: Power in Practice Episode 19 Pay Attention!

Hi! And welcome to Power in Practice. You’re listening to the long anticipated episode 19. My name is Soulhuntre and I’m going to be reintroducing a little bit about what we are doing here to you. For those of you keeping score, episode 18, ‘Changing Frames with Flagg’ was published on August first in 2010, so more then five years ago.

I get a lot of questions from people wondering if Power in Practice was ever going to come back; and honestly for a bunch of years in between, I…I didn’t know what to tell them. I had pulled back from teaching and pulled back from doing a lot of speaking and wasn’t doing anything in the way of mentoring and I was sorta working on things in my own life. And I  figured  maybe without some of the team that we had, the discussion team that we had around us, that maybe it wasn’t really going to be right to continue to do these sorts of episode. In the same way that I had packaged up ‘the Estate’ and sort of… we left it as a monument and we put it in moth balls… as opposed to sort of continuing. It wasn’t clear, for much of that time, weather power in practice needed to be put away the same way. But over time and thinking about it, I’ve decided that that doesn’t need to be that way it is.

As I have reengaged with the community over the last couple of years and seen sorta whats going on and the kinds questions people are asking, And particularly some of what’s happening within the community and the tension between different styles; I really feel like there is something to contribute here. So, Power and Practice, is making a comeback. There will be more podcast. There is going to be more community building around Power and Practice. There’s some projects in the works, I’m not really going to talk about right now; and there’s one in particular that at the end of this recording, and this episode  here, I am going to invite you to be part of that.  You can come and help us right away. But in the end, this sort of education; this sort of speaking; these conversation where I can get together with people and talk honestly about… maybe some of the topics that people don’t talk about as informally and openly as Power and Practice made a habit of doing.

That’s an itch. I love finding out what makes people tick. I love talking to people and I love talking to other people and… and sorta  bouncing idea and those conversations and I love that those conversation might be valuable to the audience. And, I want to do more of that. I am going to do more of that! And, you can listen. That is sort of the whole point.

So, technology has really moved on. And one of the things that’s really awesome in the last couple of years, is I work on sorta online seminars, and multimedia chat and team communication, for my clients, and as part of a number of virtual teams and I’m going to bringing that technology into Power and Practice as well. So, We’re going to be doing episodes where I will be talking to a guest or maybe putting a panel together or maybe just me and there is going to be a phone number and you’re going to be able call in or hop into a chat room and interact with the broadcast in real time as it’s going, at whatever level you feel comfortable with. So, you will be able to preserve your anonymity or use your scene name or… or whatever you choose. We’re going to be able to run a couple of episodes in that talk show kinda way. Where it will be more interactive and then we will record that interaction and make those episodes. So you will be able to… for those ones, you will be able to hook up with us live or just catch us later on. Whatever works for you.

Anyway, I am  really excited about what we have coming, that way. Right now I have 3 episodes in the can. I have one short one which is something I call fast take. Now fast takes are new. The Power in Practice chat room, the little community that we’re building. (and I will tell you how to get a invitation to that in a moment) Sometimes, when those conversation get going and people ask the right questions and I feel like I want to respond. It’s become very convenient for me to simply… kick on an audio stream and respond to the chat room in audio form and then record that, edit it very briefly, and make that, I am going to start making those things available. When they make sense. The whole point of the fast chat is… fast takes is that it works for me. I was moved to kinda give an audio answer and I’m going to do that. Those things are going to be short episode and you might get value out of those. Those will be interspersed with the longer episodes. Exactly what the balance is? I don’t know… This is, this is kinda all new to me too. I am letting this format evolve on its own.

The Power in Practice chat room, you say? Why, yes! If you go to or look in the show notes here or look in the Power in Practice dot com site, we’ll… we will have a menu item up at the top. We are now running a Slack chat. For those that aren’t familiar with it, Slack is a product by a company called Slack. It’s essentially, an IRC chat room; if you are familiar with IRC or AOL. It’s just a really, really, really strong implementation of a chat room. It has a nice balance between real time and not real time; because it buffers conversation. You can peek into pip chat once a day, once every other day and catch up; or you can come in and sit idol and talk to however comes by.

So far the conversation has ranged from the best way to melt aluminum, through bdsm theory, through some politics, through conversation on consent, we have been talking about what service means and the different terms. I’m working out some of the ideas with participants for a book idea and so on.  So you know, honestly, I don’t need this community to turn into a five hundred person behemoth. I’m not trying to compete with Fetlife, for instance. I’m just thinking there might be a place for some good people, however big that turns out to be, to find a place; somewhere between lifestyle oriented chat and a like minded hangout that they might find comfortable. And so far it’s been great. There is some really really nice people in here and I’m really enjoying everything about the power in practice community sorta coming around this chat room. So far there is only about 15 of us. So you’re more then welcome.

The way this works is: You go to the links I mentioned. You are going to have to fill out a form with your email address  and then I send you and invitation and  you can join with that invitation.

It’s part of how slack works, the way we are using it. And it also… I won’t lie, I like the fact that it gives me the ability to, you know, ban somebody who’s disruptive and then prevent them from coming back. Because they have to ask permission to come back with an email address. I don’t intend to play wack-a-mole. I don’t have a big moderation team. I’m an incredibly mellow guy. But, if I think you’re, you know, harshing the vibe; I’m going to toss you. Deal with it! There is a wide world of places for you to talk.You don’t have to come and make our lives miserable.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the next couple of episodes. There is a lot of stuff coming soon here at Power in Practice. I think you’re going to find that we’re going to expand and grow rapidly; and sorta reemerge with an energy you might not have expected after a five year hiatus. But I have a lot of… I want to accomplish. Power in Practice is a big part of a significant number of goals that I have in mind. So I hope that you stay tuned; as an audience member or participate in some of the projects, where you will have an opportunity to participate and come along for the ride. I think its going to be really interesting.


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