Power Flows. Evolves. Creates. Fulfills.

The first episode of Power In Practice went live on April 25, 2006. The vision was simple, have the conversations dominants were having in private, in public. With the passing of Flagg we slipped out of the public eye and turned our attention to building something new.

What We Do.


A full-on eLearning platform is under construction, spurred on by the COVID19 and the rise of people staying home. We will be offering a number of courses supporting the creation of a functional power-dynamic household.


Currently we publish The Forked Tongue… if you aren’t sure what it is? Just buy it.


At the moment, our community activities center around a Discord chat server. Your are welcome to comeĀ join and come talk to us!


While we aren’t producing new episodes at the moment, theĀ archives are still an amazing resource.